We Are Relentless in the Pursuit of Successful Financial Outcomes for Our Clients

Who We Are

Founded in  1984 by Tim Connolly, Corporate Strategies Merchant Bankers is known for creating successful financial outcomes for borrowers, as well as lenders, in meeting critical funding and refinancing challenges. We are financial firefighters, meeting the daily demands of fulfilling the asset-based financing needs of small to medium-size businesses on a timely basis.  Banks, family offices and institutional asset-based lenders can depend on Corporate Strategies to create unique refinancing solutions for borrowers who no longer fit traditional loan renewal underwriting criteria.

Forty years of private lending experience during financial booms and busts has provided us with the unique skillset to create mutually acceptable solutions to adverse, time-sensitive situations between borrowers and lenders. Corporate Strategies willingness to purchase and develop Real Estate and Investment assets can also be an integral, value added part of the complete client funding solution.

We transform our clients’ business opportunities into successful financial outcomes by:

      • Providing unique, non-bank Private Lending financing solutions for real estate or business asset acquisitions or refinancing for borrowers that do not qualify for funding under conventional bank lending standards
      • Acting as Principals in the acquisition, development and sale of commercial real estate for mixed use or residential development
      • Providing bank takeout loan solutions for past due borrowers commercial real estate loans or other asset based commercial loans
      • Purchasing  special assets or non-performing loans in OCC compliant transactions from banks or other federally insured institutions, private funds or family offices
      • Purchasing business owned equipment in sale leaseback transactions to free up working capital
      • Providing  accounts receivable and purchase order financing lines for small businesses  unable to qualify for lines of credit under traditional bank lending criteria
      • Providing $5,000,000 or more in litigation financing for meritorious business damage claims against larger companies with greater financial resources

See stories of previous successful financial outcomes over the last 40 years in other sections of our website. Our preferred transaction size is from $1,000,000 to $15,000,000For an immediate response within 24 hours, call 713 621 2737 or email Ac****@CS*******.com a summary of your transaction and contact information.  For urgent, time sensitive situations, Tim Connolly, CEO of Corporate Strategies LLC, may be reached at Ti*@CS*******.com or 713 824 9393.

Private Lending


Private funding non-bank alternative financing available:


      • Non bank Commercial Real Estate Financing and Refinancing of non renewed bank debt—up to $15,000,000 in refinancing of CRE available on a non recourse basis depending on LTV, LTC and/or cash flow of property
      • Sale leaseback or refinancing of business-owned real estate and equipment
      • Sale of Royalty Interest — Funding for established businesses who do not wish to incur debt; repayment  is based on a percentage of gross business revenues

Real Estate & Investments

Investments we seek range from $2,500,000 to $25,000,000 and include:

    • Land acquisitions suitable for commercial and residential real estate development
    • Acquisition of commercial real estate notes and business assets from banks, non-bank commercial lenders, family offices, investors, and private investment funds
    • Revenue-generating operating companies in select industries (excluding startups)