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Corporate Strategies’ Role In Successfully Navigating The ERC Payroll Tax Refund Program


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The unprecedented global crisis that was the COVID-19 pandemic brought economies to a standstill. As businesses grappled with challenges they had never faced before, the U.S. government swiftly introduced the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Payroll Tax Refund Program, an initiative designed to offer financial relief to those hit the hardest.

The CARES Act was also introduced as a countermeasure as the pandemic’s economic ramifications became more evident. Within its provisions, the ERC emerged as a pivotal tool for employers, promising to alleviate some of their financial burdens. The goal was simple: to provide businesses with the means to retain employees and stay afloat during these trying times.

However, like many well-intentioned programs, it has not been without complications.

Rising Concerns and Apprehensions

On September 14, 2023, the IRS announced a six-month processing time for new ERC applications. This delay, rooted in concerns about fraudulent filings of ineligible ERC payroll tax refunds, was necessary to ensure the program’s integrity. While this move was essential to curb potential misuse, it had several repercussions:

  • A significant decline in new ERC applications.
  • A growing sense of unease among those awaiting their refunds.
  • A reluctance among eligible employers, fearing aggressive audits just to claim what they are rightfully entitled to.

The belief is that taxpayers who file legitimate, eligible claims that meet ERC requirements should receive their refunds promptly and without fear of future audits.

The Significance of IRS Notice 2021-20

Tim Connolly, CEO of Corporate Strategies, underscores the importance of IRS Notice 2021-20. This notice is a foundational guide for document retention to ascertain ERC eligibility. By adhering strictly to this checklist, clients can confidently defend their ERC refund against any IRS review or audit. Reputable service providers are advised to use this IRS guidance as a benchmark to validate refunds.

Amidst the uncertainty, Corporate Strategies stands out with its specialized team, including former tax auditors, experienced tax attorneys, and ex-IRS agents. The firm offers unparalleled expertise in navigating the complexities of the CARES Act and other funding programs. Their commitment to serving the most vulnerable sectors, such as small recovery startups, churches, and schools, is evident in their decision to avoid mass advertising, focusing instead on direct interactions and referrals. This approach underscores their dedication to genuine assistance over profit.

In addition, their impeccable record of producing high-quality, IRS audit-ready reports without any penalties or interest charges for their clients speaks volumes about their integrity and expertise. By emphasizing their dedication to thorough research and proactive approach to understanding legislation even before its enactment, they have successfully positioned themselves as a reliable authority in the scope of alternative funding sources.


Advice for Taxpayers

Corporate Strategies is developing  an “Audit Safe” review program for employers not previously affiliated with them but who have secured ERC refunds elsewhere. This program will  offer an independent review of ERC payroll tax refund applications prepared by other entities and assess if all required IRS documentation has been provided. The company is assessing how to provide this service at a fair cost, considering the necessary staffing and professional expertise. The initiative stems from recognizing a genuine demand among conscientious employers to ensure their payroll tax refunds are correctly prepared and documented. By undergoing this document review, employers can make accurate amendments to previously filed 941X payroll tax forms. This proactive approach can help them be better prepared if the IRS decides to audit their returns, thereby avoiding potential penalties and interest charges.

Corporate Strategies cautions taxpayers about deceptive service providers that may lead them astray. To avoid IRS repayment demands, penalties, and interest assessments on legitimate ERC tax refund claims in potential future audits, taxpayers must adhere to the IRS notice on the proper substantiation of their tax refund claim. This adherence ensures peace of mind regarding the legitimacy of their refunds and protects them from potential pitfalls.

Although fraught with challenges, the ERC Payroll Tax Refund Program remains an essential tool for economic recovery. With informed guidance, businesses can navigate this complex situation, ensuring they benefit from the relief on offer while staying protected against potential risks. As the economies grapple with the post-pandemic’s ongoing effects, private funding and investment firms like Corporate Strategies – its strategic navigation backed by expertise and integrity – will be the key to resilience and growth.

Corporate Strategies has worked with a wide roster of clients. Previously funded ERC payroll tax refunds include:

Why Choose Corporate Strategies?

Since 1984, Corporate Strategies Merchant Bankers has provided private funding solutions from $2,500,000 to $25,000,000 for small to medium-sized (SMB) businesses and non-profits whose loan applications have been rejected by conventional banks. Our 40 years of experience uniquely qualifies us to bring our SMB clients the CARES Act Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Payroll Tax Refund Program. Here’s why: